Explore the City of Colleges

As home to three exceptional institutions – Hendrix College, Central Baptist College, and the University of Central Arkansas, Conway has earned the name “City of Colleges.” We invite you to explore our vibrant, tight-knit community that nurtures intellect, fosters growth, and embraces a strong sense of belonging.

Find Colleges in Conway, AR

Discover the perfect blend of education and community in Conway. The presence of the University of Central Arkansas, Hendrix College, and Central Baptist College contribute to Conway’s strong arts and cultural scene. The three institutions of higher learning and other Conway-based arts and cultural organizations host diverse events throughout the year. 


Explore the boundless educational opportunities that Conway has to offer.

Students on a tour of a college campus in the springtime. They walk on a white sidewalk in front of red-brick classroom buildings on Hendrix College campus in Conway, Arkansas.

Hendrix College

Hendrix College stands as a prestigious institution renowned for its commitment to providing a transformative liberal arts education, offering a vibrant and inclusive community that fosters intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and personal growth.

A brick sign saying 'University of Central Arkansas' in a flowerbed with bushes and purple flowers. A large brick classroom building with white columns is in the background in Conway, Arkansas.

The University of Central Arkansas

Situated in the heart of Conway, Arkansas, the University of Central Arkansas (UCA) stands as a dynamic center of learning, innovation, and community engagement. UCA is dedicated to nurturing the growth of its students by providing a comprehensive educational experience that prepares them for success in an ever-changing world.

The David T. Watkins Academic Building on campus at Central Baptist College in Conway, Arkansas. The building is red brick covered outdoor balconies and an arched entranceway.

Central Baptist College

Established in 1952, Central Baptist College is a Christian college committed to its mission and constantly strives to provide a quality, Christ-focused education for all its students. It stands as a beacon of educational excellence and faith-based values.