Sporting Facilities

Conway offers a range of remarkable venues, each tailored to cater to the unique demands of various sports. From expansive soccer fields and golf courses to well-maintained baseball fields and basketball courts, our Parks and Recreation Department oversees some of the finest sporting facilities in the state.

Find a Venue for Your Sporting Event in Conway, AR

Our facilities are meticulously designed spaces that ensure optimal conditions for athletes to shine. Browse the variety of venues in Conway and create unforgettable tournaments and sports events that leave a lasting mark on athletes, fans, and participants.

A green baseball lawn at Curtis Walker Park with a small playground at the back and benches in Conway, Arkansas.

Curtis Walker Park

A shiny basketball court in the McGee Center in Conway, Arkansas that reflects the sun coming through the windows.

McGee Center

A look at a well-manicured baseball field at Don Owens Sports Complex in Conway, Arkansas through a net behind green railings.

Don Owens Sports Complex

An aerial view of the Conway Tennis Center with eight green and blue tennis courts, separated by two small buildings, lit in yellow lights. It is sunset in Conway, Arkansas.

Conway Tennis Center

A green stretch of golf course with one sand trap and ringed with trees at Nutters Chapel Golf & Country Club in Conway, Arkansas.

Nutters Chapel Golf & Country Club

A green golf course with a few white sand traps. At the end of the course are thick, green trees. The course is the Links at Cadron Valley Golf & Country Club in Conway, Arkansas.

Links at Cadron Valley Golf & Country Club

A view of Lake Conway at dusk in Conway, Arkansas. The sky is light pink and the trees standing from the water are black.

Lake Conway

A red railing that lines a sidewalk in front of a green space that surrounds Lake Beaverfork in Conway, Arkansas.

Lake Beaverfork

A boy standing at home base holding a bat and the catcher and umpire behind him looking out at the field at Conway Station Park in Conway, Arkansas

Conway Station Park

A faraway view of the building at City of Colleges Park in Conway, Arkansas. A center walkway in front of the brown brick building stretches between two baseball fields.

City of Colleges Park

Two teams of young boys, one in white and one in red, play a soccer game at Centennial Soccer Complex in Conway, Arkansas.

Centennial Soccer Complex