Sports are at the heart of Conway, from college athletics to youth leagues and everything in between. Our Parks and Recreation Department oversees some of the nicest facilities in the state, whether you want to play a game of pick-up basketball or pickleball. And if you prefer to spectate, our three colleges are home to thrilling sports events of every kind.

Find Sports in Conway, AR

Conway offers attractions for all sports lovers, whether you’re looking to channel your competitive side as a player or be a part of the crowd at a game. Check out the sports scene in Conway at the locations below.

A shiny basketball court in the McGee Center in Conway, Arkansas that reflects the sun coming through the windows.

McGee Center

A look at a well-manicured baseball field at Don Owens Sports Complex in Conway, Arkansas through a net behind green railings.

Don Owens Sports Complex

A boy standing at home base holding a bat and the catcher and umpire behind him looking out at the field at Conway Station Park in Conway, Arkansas

Conway Station Park

A lane at Conway Family Bowl in Conway, Arkansas. The lights are turned off and colorful disco lights swirl around on the wall and lane.

Conway Family Bowl

The green columns of the covered driveway at the Conway Expo Center & Fairgrounds in Conway, Arkansas.

Conway Expo Center & Fairgrounds

A faraway view of the building at City of Colleges Park in Conway, Arkansas. A center walkway in front of the brown brick building stretches between two baseball fields.

City of Colleges Park

Two teams of young boys, one in white and one in red, play a soccer game at Centennial Soccer Complex in Conway, Arkansas.

Centennial Soccer Complex

Cadron Settlement in Conway, Arkansas. A two-story old wooden building in the middle of a green space and a covered well sits off to the side.

Cadron Settlement Park

The front of the Arkansas Golf Center in Conway, Arkansas. A side paved driveway leads up to the building. Two metal staircases lead up the sides to enter the building with a green metal roof.

Arkansas Golf Center